Thales Visionix® understands the challenges our customers face managing upgrades and modifications to today’s aircraft.  Choosing the right options are critical to ensuring up-to-date capabilities and program success, while meeting delivery and budget targets.

For integrators, the Scorpion® Helmet Mounted Cueing System, allows for rapid installation by requiring no avionics bay modifications.

Installation is simple. The Scorpion system features one component that is able to be easily mounted within the aircraft cockpit – the Interface Control Unit (ICU).

More specifically:

  • All system control via the Ethernet Data bus (Alternatively a  control panel is available for system control)
  • One LRU that can be installed in the side console DZUS rail mount
  • Inertial Optical Hybrid tracker requires no mapping
  • System Interface either via Ethernet or MIL-STD-1553B
  • System to provide data transfer cartridge with size up to 128 GB

The balance of components is part of the pilot’s man worn situational awareness gear.  Interface between the man-worn components and the aircraft mounted ICU is via a pre-assembled Helmet Vehicle Interface (HVI) cable.

Integrators then have the capability to define and implement Helmet Mounted Display symbols and mechanization. Overall:

  • Symbols are programmed by the integrator and downloaded by the aircraft mission system on startup
  • Integrator defines when and where symbols or real-time video are placed.
  • Both video and symbols can be scaled. Only one symbol needs to be defined, and then expanded or reduced on-the-fly.
  • Placement may be in any of four coordinate systems:
    • Earth (Lat, Long, Alt)
    • Aircraft (Azimuth, Elevation, Roll)
    • Cockpit (X,Y,Z relative to design eye)
    • Helmet (Azimuth, Elevation and Roll relative to helmet bore sight)

Because the Scorpion ICU is Open Systems Architecture, integrators may write software applications that run on the ICU in order to implement unique system functions.

Thales Visionix® is in full-rate production with Scorpion in support of current US Government contracts.   Scorpion is currently flying on:

  • A-10 Thunderbolt (USAF)
  • F-16  Viper (USAF)
  • AC-130W Dragon Spear (USAF)
  • AT-6 (Hawker-Beechcraft/Lockheed Martin)
  • UH-72 Lakota (Lockheed Martin)
  • F-22
  • OV-10

Thales Visionix® is a man-side systems integrator, accustomed to working with systems integrators to accomplish Scorpion integration into the customer’s aircraft.  We provide Scorpion hardware and software, data and documentation, logistical in-house and field support and technical expertise.  We are hands-on and work closely with program managers, ground/flight testing personnel, aircrew, maintenance technicians, and on-site systems engineers to assure timely and proper cockpit installation and system functionality.

We seek to support project partners to ensure that milestones are met, and that requirements and compliances are satisfied. Inquiries from aircraft systems integrators are welcome.

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